I am a middle-aged man who, formerly liberal, is now a conservative.  I work in corporate America and happen to be a political activist: elected county committeeman in 2014; a loyal attendee of the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC); an active member of the Federalist Society.

As a conservative citizen, I favor originalist judges who are faithful to the U.S. Constitution, an American immigration policy that favors American citizens, and retiring the exploding national debt.

The current Republican Party is led by politicians who have grown comfortable in their offices and make deals that often are at odds with the interests of the American people.  It is a party without principles.  It is a party that has lost its way.  It is a soulless party.

We must rebrand the Republican Party.  We must retool the Republican Party.  We must revitalize the Republican Party.

It must be a party that stands for something.  It must articulately defend core conservative principles.  It must stand with the American people.

We must restore the party of Lincoln.

That is the mission of the Reluctant Conservative.

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