Attorney General Eric Holder Insults Blacks

The Attorney General feels that North Carolina’s new voter ID law is an “extremely aggressive step to curtail the voting rights of African-Americans.” 

The law requires all voters (not just black voters) to show photo ID at the polls, eliminates same-day registration for all voters (not just black voters), and cuts the early voting period from 17 to 10 days for all voters (not just black voters).

It’s hard to see how this law is facially discriminatory against black Americans when it applies to all voters of the state.  Holder seems to feel that blacks who may not currently have a photo ID are incapable of acquiring one, which happens to be free of charge.  Treating black Americans like children publically is not helpful for the reputation of members of this population segment.

It is fascinating to see how liberals like Holder insult blacks in the name of defending blacks.

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