Local Nuns for Immigration Reform

This writer just saw a sign at the entrance of a local college that said the following:

Sisters of Charity

Welcoming Immigrants since 1859

Immigration Reform Now!

By “Immigration Reform” this Catholic college is not talking about cracking down on businesses that hire those in the country unlawfully, or building a fence on the Texas border (which is currently the law of the land), or even streamlining the process for those lawfully applying for permanent legal status.

The school is talking about amnesty.

Some of us would like to know how making legal that which is illegal somehow qualifies as reform.

The Sisters of Charity certainly mean well. They, for decades, have been devoted to educating immigrants and the poor. However, granting amnesty – in the name of reform – will just make the migrant problem worse. The invasion at the southern border will continue if we do nothing to secure it.

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